TAURUS TIME - April 2019 


(monday april 22, 2019)

Hi folks!

Tis moi typing out a Soul-Day (Monday) entry for yiz. 

In other parts of the world it's known as "Easter Monday". Wondering why it's observed... wasn't all the fuss about The Resurrection on Sunday? When Magdalene came to the tomb and lo, the stone had rolled away? What happened Monday? The Reunion Party? The First Supper?

So I like to think it's Eostre's Day. The Marys celebrating the Resurrected God. And this theme is common in many mythologies. Back in the day see, people used to have ACTUAL human sacrifices at around this time to ensure a good crop and healthy livestock births and generally ask the gods to take care of them. "The Bean King" is one such ancient European custom. The man would be selected by lot - as in, if he found a bean in his cake at the spring festival that meant he'd been selected by the gods to sacrifice himself the following year to the village gods. He would be pampered and treated like a veritable king for the entire year and then be ritually sacrificed at the onset of Spring.  So now, I ponder, is Jesus Christ the symbolic "Bean King" each year? While we don't (officially) ritually sacrifice people anymore, is Jesus the stand-in character who assumes the responsibility in order for those sacred Rabbit Eggs to be celebrated? (ie. fertility and happiness). What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

(FYI: I have been watching "American Gods" on TV and have to say my favorite character thus far is the goddess Easter hanging out on her estate with all her rabbits and all the many gorgeous aspects of Jesus. The myth is re-writing itself it would seem!)

Now the Sun is in Taurus. It is a fixed earth sign according to arcane lore. It is about grounding, being nature-oriented, making/appreciating art and music, admiring beauty and enjoying food. Earth is feminine, cold, slow and receptive. I am taking the time to appreciate my Self today. Taurus is The Earth-Cow, giving of Herself to feed us. What are we doing to honor and celebrate her? Do we need to go back to having "Bean Kings" to balance things out?*

So here's my existential question: How can we detoxify ourselves from all the stupid things we humans are negatively addicted to? Oil, coal, plastic, money, religion etc. How can we really celebrate Earth Day and get in tune with the Planet under our feet? Why do many of us have such contempt for the very thing that was apparently a Holy Creation by some Great "Heavenly" Father?? What is with that?? Also, is that same "Heavenly Father" a bit sadistic for condemning his son to die every year? Look at the psychological mess that's created!! Thoughts...rarr.

Am enjoying the shift of the Sun back in to my home sign. I've had another ride around it - my 40th one to be exact. Waiting to tack a "1" on the end of that "4" in a few weeks. The weather is warming and I get the pleasure of celebrating my solar return during Japan's epic-long 10 day holiday Golden Week yay!

This Golden Week (from May 1st) the Japanese calendar is changing from "Heisei"(平成) to "Reiwa" (令和)so that's kinda big. I heard that the Emperor went to Ise-Jingu to see the holy relics (the Goddess Amaterasu's jewel, mirror and sword) as part of his final weeks as the nation's spiritual figurehead. He will be abdicating at the end of this month and his son will take over. I hope it will be a orderly and peaceful era like it suggests in the kanji... 

I hope all of you are well and also finding inspiration to collaborate with our planet and its amazing inhabitants!​​​​


Sorcha xx

* The fantastic book "Jitterbug Perfume" by Tom Robbins expands upon this "Bean King" mythos.