A Journey Into the Unknown - January 2017

Hi everyone! I hope you all made the most of your end of year celebrations! I sure did - I went home to Australia to visit the tribe and have some incredible adventures... my father's 70th birthday at "Schlupfwinkel", a gig at the Cranker, a killer recording session at Hillside Studios (yes, another album is on its way!), performed a Summer Solstice ritual on the beach at Port Willunga, stopped into my childhood church on Christmas morning in 40degree heat, hit the beach with my siblings later that day, went swimming with sealions at Baird Bay, noshed on oysters and prawns and crayfish with my bushfaerygodfather and then he helped me set up a CD distribution deal with his mates who run Vital Solutions music in Adelaide. New Years Eve was spent with my high school buddies down at Henley Beach and then it was up to the Gold Coast for some serious R&R at my mother's "resort". Lolling by the pool, swanning about in my bikini, seeing dolphins in the canal, visiting a koala sanctuary with my old musical brother Abertronix, and noodling on the guitar and generally enjoying my life.

Coming back to Tokyo has been a bit of a shock to the system, especially since its so damn cold here by comparison! But I'm looking forward to a big month in February when i will be performing some songs at the Black Card Cabaret "Monte Carlo" event on Feb. 4 then on Feb. 26 I and the Hymns for Her ensemble will be reprising the launch concert with the amazing LIFEGARDEN as our support act. I do hope you'll stop by to one (or both!) of these events as they are bound to be fantastic fun. 

And of course there are still the Open Acoustika and Drunk Poets See God events happening every Third Thursday and Final Friday of the month (respectively) at Gari :)

So my lovelies that is all to report for now! May your 2017 be a wonderful ride into the mysterious unknown...

PS. If you haven't checked them out yet, the lyric videos from the "Hymns for Her" album are now up on my YouTube channel.

Enjoy, and may the Goddess bless you all xx

Here are some happy snaps from my trip:

Port Willunga sunset


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