April FOOLS! - April 2019


OMG I have been so remiss at keeping up with this blog.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was young but never would I dream to publish my diary! I kept one of those too - the kind that you have to hide in your room just in case your brother wants to incriminate you for something or someone you had a crush on in Year 5... geez.

So this blog is a random scribblings place. I also have a SoundPoster regular feature which is apparently a paid gig - as in they will pay me somewhere down the line once I get enough hits, you know that kind of deal.

But here is my raw, more personal take on things if you like.

Can't believe it's already April 2019. My last entry here was October 2018 which feels like a lifetime ago. Such is the fickle nature of Time.

To be honest I'm at it again. "Procrastibation" as my poet friend Caroline Kocel once rapped vernacular on many moons ago at Drunk Poets. 

I've taken up all these other projects and my own are languishing in a bar somewhere wondering WTF I'm planning (or not planning) to do with them.

BUT I just got off the phone with my longtime mate and musical bro Abertronix and he and I are gonna produce an EP this year dammit! To be honest it's not gonna be too bad since the hard yakka of me laying down the original instrumentals and vocals was done with Jakey Slater 2 EFFING YEARS AGO. Then it got sidelined. Bloody hell. So yeh... procrastinating and putting my juju elsewhere. You'd think I'd be better at planning stuff by now right!? Hahahahaharr! 

May the Muses kick my butt on this one. 

I have the title already figured out and the design for the cover and I know who's appearing on it and where we're recording and that should be enough right? Well it would appear I'm still very gun-shy when it comes to producing, mixing and mastering. Azz is a pro so I'll be OK I'm sure. Just need to set a deadline and get to it. 

I am busy mind you, what with performing in the murder ballads band "The Raven's Tale", composing music for a Joy Waller poem for her "Pause : : Heartbeat" book launch party, and of course my involvement with the theatrical and musical production of Ivy Alvarez's book "Disturbance."

Phew!  It's sure to teach me a lot about showbiz, myself and my skills.

For those of you still rooting from the sidelines I really appreciate it and I hope you'll get in touch if you have any questions or requests or comments on the stuff I've put out thus far.

Much love and Spring blossoms from Tokyo! 



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