Big Cat Moon (a poem) - Feb 2015

Feeling the full moon 
Stalking its prey outside
Hungry for flesh and blood and the thrill of the pursuit
I am a lioness
I am resplendent
Seeking my satisfaction
Revelling in my power
I will not be taken for granted
I will not be taken for a fool
My worth is my wealth
Do not attempt to belittle me
Or undervalue my contribution to your bigger picture
I am not your tool
I am larger than life
And I will bring home the goods
And they will be fine
You must prove yourself to me
Do you have what it takes to turn me on?
Have you enough speed and stamina
Guts and glory
Adventure in your heart?
For I am no one's girlfriend
I am no one's wife
I am a wild woman
And I will show you a beating bloody heart
But only if you have the spine
Only if you have the balls
Only if you have the courage to shine
Only then will you get a share of the kill
From my glorious hunt

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