Blessed by the Bowie gods - May 2016

This Mercury Retrograde season is kinda doing my head in - but in a good way. I'm reassessing EVERYTHING. One could say I'm in nesting mode, preparing myself for this new "baby" record to be released in July. The past two years I've been working on it with various amazing collaborators and the gravitas of it is starting to hit me. Its such a celebration of experience, like all my past lives have been absolved and they are happy to be sitting side by side on this album, relaying back to me all the stories that I've known deep in my cells but never had the chance to share with anyone else.

Please excuse me if I'm sounding nebulous but that's part of who I am. A Sybil of many faces...

Right now I'm sitting at my table with a coffee, watching the rain outside on a mild May morning. I celebrated another Solar Return recently and I have to say it would have to be up there in the top five birthdays of my life! So much to be thankful for.

The Drunk Poets event is going from strength to strength - we're even getting a write-up in the Japan Times sometime soon!

I went to a magical rose garden in Chiba with over 120 species of rose and got to see some amazing women do an interpretative dance and also a ukulele dance performance too. 

We had a great gig at Gari Gari on May 4th with a live performance from Tasmanian outfit THE SIGN. They were fantastic and so was the opening act, local Tokyo bluesman Yugo Sato.

On my birthday (May 5) my fairy godfather and musical maestro Morgan Fisher took me to see Bowie's band play at Billboard Live. They performed his album "Station to Station" as well as a few other Bowie gems. It was a swanky venue what with aperitifs and vino at sit down tables but yours truly had to get up and shake her thing to "Golden Years" and "Heroes". I got to meet the band backstage and Morgan gave me some sho-chu with gold filaments therein. Holy Harlots it was a magic week. Golden Week, wop, wop, wop.

Now comes the serious business of getting the record together. The artwork is just about done and then its off to the printers. Then its rehearsals and getting the word out! July 7 the album will be available to purchase and July 18 is the CD launch party at Com.Cafe 
in Shimokitazawa. 

Phew! It's all a bit overwhelming but I have faith it'll all come together... thanks for all your support if you've read this far.



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