Equinox Equilibrium - Sept 2015

Its a bright and beautiful morning here in Tokyo. Its the 23rd of September, the Autumnal Equinox - a time of balance between light and dark, when the Earth prepares itself to receive the growing light and heat of the Sun or to prepare for its waning into a colder and darker time of year. I love this time of year more than the Solstices actually. I was at Schlupfwinkel at the Solstice of June - Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. It was a powerful time of self reflection and gathering of my resources and execution of the skills I've learned as a recording musician. I'm not so concerned about the illusion of fame and fortune anymore. Once upon a time that was what I considered "success". Now I realise success is constant hard work and making the effort to simply enter the creative zone fearlessly. Equinox season is a good time to just be in the moment. Practicing presence. Both hemispheres of my being, my left and my right are in harmony and I'm not being so hard on myself. During a particularly rough week recently I wrote a song called "Through the Fire". I went into it with the intention to just write, no matter how basic the lyrics were or how simple the riffs were, I just knew I had to write, pump the well as it were. When I was younger the songs just gushed out and it was all I could do to collect them in my buckets and remember their patterns, lyrics and cadence and then to notice whether they needed a bridge or not. Some of them had several bridges and pre choruses, some of them went chorus-less. It was hard to know when they were "done".  So anyway, this new song was a little friend in need and I'm pleased to say I'm quite proud of it. The lyrics of the chorus go:

Everything is coming up roses
Finally I can start to smile
Everything is coming around now
Turning, dancing through the fire

All the while I was having the worst existential crises I thought imaginable.  How could I possibly be writing a song about happiness?? My relationships with several men in my life have been in absolute tatters and I have tried to "fix" things with little to very slow and frustrating results. So this little song has helped me to keep my chin up when it all feels useless.

I hope you are experiencing greater self forgiveness and the forgiveness of others at this time. I believe I've had to kill off my Seven Deadly Egos over the past two years or so. Pride has been the most difficult one to crucify but it has been so worth it. 

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