Europa Dreaming Tour - August 2017

Hi folks,

Hope you're all doing well out there in the "Land of Confusion" that seems to be the new normal these days. Lots of stuff to take to task, and yours truly is about to do her bit and take these Songs of the Goddess over to the Old Lands. 

Tour kicks off in Chelsea, London on Wednesday August 23 with the lovely Jessica Lee Morgan for our "Spellbound" show at The Pheasantry. Dylan Hunter will be accompanying me on his burning violin so it is sure to be a magical night.
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We head to Bristol town on Friday August 25 to perform as part of a three act lineup for "Goddessfest" at Salt Cafe. Also on the bill are the gorgeous acapella voices of Three Rivers and the lovely folk musings of Daria Kulesh.
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Dylan and I are then going to visit Glastonbury and see if we can't make contact with the Faeries of the old "Apple Isle" ;)

From there we'll return to London for one last pint and a Sunday roast and then I head over to the Continent to continue the tour in The Netherlands.

September 1st will be an intimate show at Cafe de Pianist in Amsterdam with my cousin Gabriele van der Linden. Gabriele will be performing with her guitarist Tiago and we will duet on some of our favourite songs. I will then tinkle the ivories for everyone's aural delectation ;)  
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September 3rd I will be busting out the guitar at Cafe Langereis and performing some solo stuff, and almost certainly will be jamming with the local cats there - brought together by singer Cindy Peress.
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Over to Deutschland and back to visit my ancestral lands in the Spreewald country. Wednesday September 6 I'll be joined by local minstrels Akkordeon Salon Orchester at the Multipop Salon for "Wodensnacht". Let's hope the mercurial god Himself joins in...
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Up to Berlin on September 7 to scout out an open mic.. or a bit of a street performance... who knows?!

Saturday September 9 will be the final show of the tour in Copenhagen, at Gallerie Vincent for the "VCV Concert Copenhagen" (the first of many I hope!) I will be joined by fellow my "Very Confident Vagina Collective" founding members Rosemary Kikon and Joan Anderson for an evening of poetry and song! There will also be performances by several other wonderful women so it is bound to be a super juicy gorgeous experience!
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Tokyo - I'll see you again in mid-September! Stay tuned for details about future events to be transpiring over the remainder of 2017. 

Time is Art,




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