From My Window - February 2016

OK so I'm really slack at updating my website!! January is always a bit of a Twilight Zone... I hope you all had a wonderful New Years holiday with your loved ones and got to do some fun stuff with them as I have! Just the other day I went to the Yoko Ono exhibition here in Tokyo "From My Window". It was truly incredible and at one point my brain was actually starting to ache a little from the input coming at it! My favourite installation was the "Rainbow Prism Room" where there was dark room with two beams of light coming from the floor, one coming from the ceiling into a glass case placed at the centre of the small square room. Inside the case was a multidimensional reflective jagged mirror mountain that was reflecting the light onto the walls in rainbow snowflake designs. Its difficult to describe but it made me feel very calm and peaceful. Other parts of the exhibition were more visceral and at times uncomfortable and at times like a game to be played. As far as I'm concerned the rumours are true - Yoko Ono truly is a witch. She has pushed many boundaries and is completely unfazed by what the world thinks of her. 

With that in mind, I too am beginning to push myself into new artistic territory and am very excited about the upcoming adventures on my schedule for this year. The Black Card Cabaret show is this month on the 5th, and I have been studying Marlene Dietrich and Sally Bowles ahead of my performance. Berlin was the place to be 100 years ago! If I could jump in a time machine thats where I'd go. Mind you, the Nazis were a scary threat to all the wonderful creativity, sexual liberties and open mindedness of the time, which leads me to the conclusion that the scourge of Fascism is anathema to Art. It suffocates it and the threat is always there. Keep your Art alive and Fascism will never win. 

The Hymns for Her record is about to be mastered and I have to say I'm so proud of this little creation! The next stage is to create the material casing for the music and organising the distribution and PR. I am a little nervous about that side of it seeing as though my last major release wasn't exactly easy to sell. The music industry is probably one of the most fickle and rapidly evolving scenes out there and this time I'd like to be smarter about it. There are a few avenues I'd like to try and if Yoko Ono is anyone to go by, the process ought to be a joyful one. I trust that it will manifest as it is supposed to but there's a lot of work still to be done!

Have a fabulous February lieblings!
Love from Fraulein Sorcha xx

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