I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends - July 2018

Konnichiwa my fellow wanderlings and I hope this blog entry finds you well wherever you are on this great big ball of planet that we are occupying presently!

It's been an interesting past few months. I never did get that call from the manager of my dreams but it's probably just as well really. There ain't no easy road to fortune and glory as it were. Back to the drawing board. I'll have to be my own best manager in the meantime.

So far so good. I've just put up my entire discography on BANDCAMP yay! I hope you'll TELL YOUR FRIENDS and get listening to the great tunes that are up there.

I am currently holed up in the air conditioning as Tokyo is sweltering away in mid-30 degree Celsius heat. Everybody is a bit aggro out there and it's all I can do not to be an asshole while dodging and weaving through the hordes of people that are a regular phenomenon in one of the most densely populated cities IN THE WORLD. しょがない (shoganai) as they say - "that's life" or "it can't be helped". Had a fantastic trip down to Shirahama in Shimoda last week to soak up the sun on a lovely beach for the long weekend that celebrates "海の日" (umi no hi) or "Ocean Day". Got drunk and sunburnt and enjoyed BBQ, sparklers on the beach and chatting with locals at a beachside bar. 

So now I'm back in the big city busy learning new songs and priming myself for my closeup as I attempt to make more YOUTUBE videos for y'all! One thing that still irks me, believe it or not, is watching myself on video. Hearing my voice on a recording is fine now but seeing yours truly in all her glory on the tube is still, lets say, disconcerting. You know, typical voices of "OMG you look so tubby , your hair looks weird and WTF were you thinking wearing THAT frock?! etc etc"  the critical voices are assholes and I want to get better at shoving them off and just getting content out there on a regular basis.

I've even gone so far as to set up a PATREON page as well. Stay tuned for the launch party! Now there'll be a place where you can help me help myself make more art and music. Must stay positive and LET you throw money at me. It'll be a blast. Thanks in advance!

Til the sun turns black xx

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