Life is a Cabaret Old Chum - October 2015

Feels good to have spruced up le website! Finally get to show off some of the stellar pics I had done with Daniel "Danz" Perez last month. It was a great session and I was very pleased to see the kind of characters that came out (appeals to the Sibyl in me haha.) The one in the banner photo (designed by Hilda Green) above I call "Silver Star" as she's the sassy lounge singer that will be taking to the Tokyo clubs and bars and crooning to you while you sip your martini. More to come so I will introduce you to the other girls as they see fit to reveal themselves. 

I love this time of year. October is such a sexy month. People are planning their Halloween costumes and thinking about their alter egos in a fun and childlike way. Next week for Halloween and I will be bringing out some other "girls" so to speak - I will be helping out backstage in the Tokyo International Players enactment of Richard O'Briens singular stage production "The Rocky Horror Show". Damn I hope I can fit into my corset!  The other event I'll be doing next week is co-hosting the "(Dead) Drunk Poets See God" poetry event with Samm Bennett. Guests have been asked to dress up as their favourite "dead" poet and to read poetry of a macabre nature as tis the season to be gloomy! Lately I've been reading a lot of Emily Dickinson so I believe I will be coming as her. I have the perfect vintage dress too! 

Wishing you all a wonderful, playful Samhain in the north and a fecund Beltane in the south! 


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