Solar Return Ramblings - May 2018

well hello there website visitor, I've been distracted by, you know, social media. Beast that it is. So I'm back here on my home turf finally! And to think I PAY for this site haha. Checking my stats and there are cats from all over the globe checking this stuff out. Good for you friend! the inter webs brought you here - google does a pretty good job of directing traffic. But it could always be better right? So right now I'm considering the next move to make. Just celebrated my 40th and its been a bit mental in all sorts of ways, and I'm sure many people can relate. Feels like a new skin. Trying it on for size... 40 spins around that big ball of fire. Gotta be a miracle. But hey.. what's that... GRAVITY?! Yikes.

Next project? Getting more steam behind Majo Muse Records, an indie record label run by me, think Ani di Franco or Loreena McKennitt... but... how??? business matters are an enigma to me. Might need to hire an assistant. She can help me get this site cooking, help me get gigs, plan tours, navigate the wild country that is today's music biz. If there are any people interested (preferably in the Tokyo area) please get in touch.

In the meantime, here is the link to the FB page - you can purchase the latest EP Lost and Found, and the albums Hymns for Her and Sorcha and The Sinners from my CD BABY store.

Also wanna send out Big Love to my bandmates Dylan Hunter, Samm Bennett, Kelly Haavaldsrud, Marina Sisek and Rob Moreau for their musical prowess on the recent Lost and Found EP promo tour! 楽しかったね??よろしくー!!

Love 4EVA

Sorcha x


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