Musickality - April 2014

A Bosendorfer with a Klimt inlay at the showroom in Nakano-Sakaue

Been playing quite a few piano shows lately. As an instrument its like sailing on an ocean. I love travelling up and down the keyboard creating sonic landscapes and the feel of pressing on weighted keys is a pleasure I don't really know how to translate here. Sure I love the guitar and it has a satisfaction all its own - those power chords and when the note rings out, the crunchy distortion, and that screeching banshee howl of the feedback on the amp, that's something else... but the piano, in all its majesty, the tone of the wood, the feel of the keys, the resonance as a note fades away, these things stir my soul.

I've been going into the piano studio quite frequently to rehearse and have even enjoyed the discipline of scales and chord finger progressions. I feel as though I've levelled up and music is revealing itself to me in new ways - I'm glad I had some rudimentary training as a child but I never really got to a good understanding of key signatures, let alone reading music "fluently". Now its beginning to open up and I'm not so intimidated by the theory anymore. In fact I've started up with a guitar teacher and its helped me immensely. 

I've also started up a new business "Goddess Guitar" - I have a young student. She is 12 years old and already has a good grasp of playing songs. I am teaching her the way I learned, that is, in a holistic, intuitive manner. So far its been going very well and I'm happy to be guiding her to discovering her voice as well. Let's hope there'll be more opportunities for me to collaborate with other girls and women and to be a facilitator for them. I know my purpose now is to enable others to shine. Everyone has a voice. Everyone's voice is essential. Music is a haven in which to explore one's Psyche. It has empowered me in times of trouble and it has liberated me in times of despair. I hate to think what kind of person I'd be if it hadn't have chosen me. 


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