New EP and label launch! - March 2018


Greetings lovelies! Am very excited to announce the launch of my official record label Majo Muse! For years I'd been using the name Majo Music but to my chagrin I discovered it had already been picked up by someone else and alas alack all my material was being linked to it online - yikes! So I thought I better put my good foot forward and claim my own stake, so Majo Muse was born and I am rather excited to see what will emerge from this brave new endeavour. 

So far the only artists on the roster are my good self and my erstwhile rock band Sorcha and The Sinners (2011-2013). I hope to collaborate with other witchy women in the future and help them to also realise their musical dreams. 

I'm also very chuffed to see the new EP "Lost and Found" has gone live online and can now be enjoyed through your favourite digital streaming and download channels. Please give a thought to the ridiculous rates these streaming services pay us artists and consider buying the songs from the store direct! Every little bit helps - and its hella cheaper than that Starbucks you bought on the way to work this morning... Here is the link to purchase your very own copy of "Lost and Found". 

The first live show of the promotional tour will be on March 10 at Cheshmeh in Sasazuka, Tokyo. I will be joined by my formidable band mates Dylan Hunter, Samm Bennett, Kelly Haavaldsrud and introducing the badass ukulele-lady Marina! Follow up shows will be on April 6 at Good Heavens Shimokitazawa and then at Club Senation in Yokohama on April 22. I hope you'll join us to welcome the new music.

Cheers and thanks for all your support xx


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    Stupendous blog you guys have provided there, I will absolutely valuate your effort.

    Stupendous blog you guys have provided there, I will absolutely valuate your effort.

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