RIP Sorcha and The Sinners - June 2014

RIP Sorcha and The Sinners

The Obituary (as read by Peter O'Toole)

Friends, it is with great regret I must declare officially that the band known as Sorcha and The Sinners have come to an untimely demise. Their legions of adoring fans may wonder "what the Hell happened?" well, the details are shady at best. Reports claim that Arda fulfilled his longtime wish to kill Dan, but not before Dan had his revenge and killed Arda. In the midst of this Dan and Arda killed Sorcha, but not before she slayed them both. I'll spare you the grisly details, but needless to say it was an unholy mess that Management have dealt with and have thus recalled their UNDEAD asses back to the Underworld from whence they came.

Tonight, on this full mooned Friday the 13th, Sorcha and The Sinners will be laid to rest and interred in the Crypt of Danzig, Their Beloved Patron Sinner, Blessed and Cursed be his name!

"Hail Danzig!"

And so, we are gathered here tonight to pay our respects to the dearly departed: Sorcha, Arda and Dan.

They were an inimitable band, fearless, bold, fiesty and wicked in their short life as Mortals. Their eponymous album, accompanied by the sizzling "seven deadly songs" photo shoot will remain one of 2012's more Gehenna-inspired releases.

O Mortal Flesh! This Mortal Coil! The Seven that enrapture us to the Earth!


So let us drink to their health beyond the grave! A Toast! To the band and to the many Sinners of their Inner Circle! Long may you taste the Aphrodesia, let the salt linger on your tongue, hang from the Tree of Life, fuck flowers, impale yourselves hard, shock all your fears at once, then fix your fucking face!

Rest in Pieces, Sorcha and The Sinners!



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