The Great and Wonderful Oz - June 11~16 2015

Tour Log

June 11
Ready to fly again. This time back to the homeland, the land of my birth. Australia. I am resigned, peaceful, proud of my resilience at having survived a pretty challenging time of it recently. I'm stronger, larger than life and well aware of my blessings. I am focused and fearless. Nothing brings me down, not even fantasy lovers that refuse to manifest. I had my man-fix today anyway, so I'm all loved up. Feeling calm and cool, like this is the most normal thing in the world - to be going home for six weeks. To take part in my country's evolution. I hope I can leave some imprint, some healing in my wake. I'm older and bolder and I don't have the time or the luxury to pretend to care about hypothetical realities. I got Magic to do...

June 15
I'm at the Schlupfwinkel in Eudunda. Alone. With my ancestors and the quietude. The new piano Lagonda is lovely and I'm so glad to be here and ready to work on the next batch of songs for "Hymns for Her". Its so quiet here. Another world from Tokyo. Its hard to believe thats where I "live". For now I'm living here, in my homeland, remembering my time in the Spreewald, in Germany last year. I wonder how my Air B&B "family" are doing. I wonder how Hank is doing. I was hoping he'd reach out to me but alas he has not and I am OK with that. I must be mindful of what is happening now as opposed to what I think "should" happen. Projections are presumptuous. I am at peace with it. Besides I am here to work! 

June 16
Having trouble getting into work mode. Everything is set up and I'm trying to get the tempo/bpm right as I may want extra instruments. Click tracks are a drag. At least I got the fire going today. I guess I'll have to feel my way into this. Just like I had to learn how to get the fire going. Patience. Persistence. Perseveremce. Thinking about Kei as usual. Love sucks. Getting over him is taking its sweet fucking time. Geez what a saga. WTF do I do? Concentrate on the here and now. Working Spirit Journeys. Finding that quiet place. Coming off Tokyo and a big weekend of socialising. High school reunion. So that's what 20 years feels like. Now the pace has slackened off to a crawl and  I'm worried I'm not getting anywhere with the recording. Perhaps I should just relax and let it come of its own accord. 

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