The Great and Wonderful Oz - June 17, 2015 

Schlupfwinkel Recording
Day 2. Morning.

Still struggling with getting a good fire going. Tried to chop wood but that was just laughable. I'm such a city girl. Never needed to know how to chop wood or start fires. Enjoying the solitude so far. Hoping I can get some tracks down today. Still feels like I'm getting to know the piano and vice versa. Going to go into town today and pick up some fresh veggies and fruit and make a healthy stew or something. This really is luxury. I can't help but think what it must have been like for my foremothers up here, every day day was work. Hard, backbreaking, thankless work. No "shops" to visit if you didn't have the money. Survivors they were. Tough German women. That's my legacy. That's where I come from.

Day 2. Mid Afternoon.
Much better feeling. Went into town, bought a handmade emerald green jumper from the thrift shop that just felt like it was made for me... and met some of the locals. Got some veggies from the Foodland and a Cornish paste with a Bundaberg lemonade. I will be a fatty boomba by the time I get back to Japan no doubt! Came back home and went to work on the rest of "Light in the Darkness" and "Give it Up to the G'dess" and now having a spliff and a cuppa. Life is good. The fire is still going, though I need some smaller pieces of wood. Tonight I'll go back to the pub for a schnitzel and a beer and check out the male specimens of this town ;) Two young men came by this morning to fix my dads jacuzzi. Handsome. Country men. Cheered me up with their naturalness. Met a lovely woman Julie who runs "Missies" a retro style cafe here. She showed me pictures of her recent trip to Tokyo Disneyland. Go figure. Going to visit the museum on Friday and see if I can't dig up some dirt on the mysterious Weiss cottage on the property here. 

Day 2. Evening.
Finally got the fire going nicely. I went into the local pub as planed for a counter meal and listened to the burly blokes banter for a bit. What a breed. My people and yet not. Watched a bit of telly. Inane. Time wasting regurgitated tripe. The best thing is watching the fire and listening to the silence. Went into the old Weiss house today. I felt a bit weird after coming out but I cleared it with some Harmonizing Flow and a spontaneous rambling piano recording (see below)

Also I feel like adding a poem. Something melancholy and beautiful. Like I were a Bronte sister out here on the moors of the South Australian Northern Plain.

I'm a spinster
An old maid
Childfree and carefree
I'm my fathers daughter
In a town my foremothers built
In a house that speaks of a history
One I've never felt but here I am 
Before a fire that eats until its full
And ashes are all thats left in the morning
When I hear the magpies call 
I'm feeing like a wandering minister
Advocating Woman on Top
No missionary for me young man
You mistake me for one who was sorry for The Fall
So I'm gonna sing my Hymns for Her
I'm going to channel Her
I'm going to call Her
I'm going to dream Her into existence
Build a Church for Her here on these lands
Her church is the open sky and the red dirt
Her church is in Her smile and Her story and Her song

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