The Great and Wonderful Oz - June 18, 2015

Day 3. Morning.

I got the fire going after fewer attempts this morning. This all feels like a "feeding the fire" exercise - literally and figuratively. Last night I was playing Lagonda and the sustain pedal broke. I heard an almighty CRACK from inside and something just ended. I think I must have been working her too hard. I'll try to continue but I don't think its going to be the same. I wouldn't know where to find a piano repair place out here. I only have two more days out here. What am I going to do?? Perhaps I'll cook something in this magnificent kitchen. Caught a glimpse of Kei in my dream. I think he wanted to wear my jacket? Not sure. Very fleeting. I miss him so much.

Day 3. Late Afternoon.

Just woke up from a kip. Cuppa tea and a bickie. Fire going on some "Lil Lucifers" as I went into town and got some. Sick of doing it Ayla style. I'll be screwed when the Zombie Apocalypse hits. I'm cheating but I don't care. Met Dingo this morning. He and I went for a lovely walk in the brisk air. Nice to have a lil buddy. Don't know where he is now but I think he comes from next door. Very obedient and sentient dog. I hope he comes over again before dad brings up the bullies. No music recording today so far. Still gutted about the broken pedal. Played a bit of guitar though. Got myself a chook and am going to roast it for when dad and my sister come up. Fantasising about that cute country boy coming over for a jacuzzi...haha

Day 3. Evening.
Just made myself a yummy vegetable soup. Pretty happy with that effort. Creativity comes in all kinds. Noticed I feel a lot better after having a bit of a stressy time this morning and yesterday too. Not putting the idiot box on. Cant decide which is worse - Japanese or Aussie TV. Here everyone is so damn WHITE. Blonde Barbie doll newsreaders. Boring. Better off just watching the fire, reading, journalling, playing music. I recorded some birdsong at dusk. Beautiful. Perhaps I should meditate. Thinking about James. He was so good to me. A real gentleman, scholar and rogue. I wonder what ever became of him. 

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