The Neverland Guild - May 2015

The True Me, the face I show to only a few, who really knows me? Do I even know me? Occasionally I'll catch a glimpse and it is beautiful and terrible, wild and wise, brave and bold, brazen, outspoken, opinionated, mobilised, imaginative, flexible and able to roll with the punches. One thing I know now, without a doubt, is that I do not want to spend my precious time and energy on pursuits that do not really bring me pleasure or a challenge. I'm prepping for a big jump into my domain and am finding that I cannot bear "little" people anymore, that is, those who want to remain "small". No ambition, no velocity or imperative. Not interested. Give me the zeitgeist hunters, the movers, the shakers, the anarchists, the renegade entrepreneurs, give me people who are interested in changing the status quo, not whingeing about it. Give me the poets, the artists, the lovers, the writers, the philosophers, the philanthropists, the gardeners and the Childlike Empresses, the world is such a magical playground and there are too many "grown-ups" just making it sick, and themselves, in the process. I'm joining the Neverland Guild. Never give up on a dream.

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