The Raven's Tale : Murder Ballads - September 2018


Hi folks, hope your summer was fab! Now the autumn is creeping upon us, blowing away the last vestiges of fun in the sun and the heat that has rendered many of us stupefied over the aircon.

I am very excited to announce I have joined a new band! We call ourselves "The Raven's Tale" and we will be performing as a three piece band - myself on piano, guitar and vocals, Dylan Hunter on fiddle and vocals and Ayumi Sato on the upright bass. Think American Gothic meets The Addams Family... 

We're playing two shows around Halloween and hope to send chills and thrills up people's spines with our renditions of several well known murder ballads and one glorious original written and composed by Dylan.  

Til the raven crows at midnight my lovelies...

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