TAURUS TIME - April 2019


(monday april 22, 2019)

Hi folks!

Tis moi typing out a Soul-Day (Monday) entry for yiz. 

In other parts of the world it's known as "Easter Monday". Wondering why it's observed... wasn't all the fuss…

April FOOLS! - April 2019


OMG I have been so remiss at keeping up with this blog.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was young but never would I dream to publish my diary! I kept one of those too…

Dealing with Discouragement - October 2018

Hi guys, I'm not usually one to complain - in fact I have a lot going on for me, I guess its just I've come up against another obstacle to getting what I want and have slightly freaked out…

The Raven's Tale : Murder Ballads - September 2018


Hi folks, hope your summer was fab! Now the autumn is creeping upon us, blowing away the last vestiges of fun in the sun and the heat that has rendered many of us stupefied over the aircon.

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends - July 2018

Konnichiwa my fellow wanderlings and I hope this blog entry finds you well wherever you are on this great big ball of planet that we are occupying presently!

It's been an interesting past few months. I never did…

Solar Return Ramblings - May 2018

well hello there website visitor, I've been distracted by, you know, social media. Beast that it is. So I'm back here on my home turf finally! And to think I PAY for this site haha. Checking my stats and…

New EP and label launch! - March 2018


Greetings lovelies! Am very excited to announce the launch of my official record label Majo Muse! For years I'd been using the name Majo Music but to my chagrin I discovered it had already been picked up…

"Lost and Found" - January 2018

Hey everyone, happy new year and welcome to 2018. I'm pleased to announce some never been released music is heading your way shortly. It's been a long time in the cauldron - in fact I hope it's not overdone and…

Tales from a Tour (COPENHAGEN) - December 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017. Copenhagen. 

It’s been a whirlwind past few days here in Copenhagen and I’ve finally found a little time to write of the adventures thus far.  

My tour of Europe is officially complete and I…

Tales from a Tour (COTTBUS/BERLIN) - November 2017 

Tuesday September 5, 2017. Cottbus.  

Grusse aus Deutschland! I am here in my ancestral lands again. The train from Amsterdam got kinda mental at one point. About halfway into the journey I came back from the cafeteria car…

Tales from a Tour (AMSTERDAM) - October 2017

Saturday, September 2, 2017. Amsterdam 

Here I Amsterdam in good company with my good pal Josh who runs the amazing Dolce Alchemia coffee company. I've been staying with him and enjoying the wonderful aroma of roasted beans and piping…

Tales from a Tour (LONDON/BRISTOL) - October 2017

Europa Dreaming Tour 

August 23 - September 9 
London, Bristol, Amsterdam, Cottbus, Berlin, Copenhagen 

Thursday, August 24, 2017. London. 

Writing from our hotel room at the Marriott Park Lane in ye olde Londontown. Just want to recap…