Years End 良いいお年を。December 2015

Hola Amigos and Welcome to the End of another Flight around the Sun!. ...It's beginning to look a lot like FUCK THIS... la la la la la la la la! Love the silly season. Saturnalia, Yule, Solstice, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza…

Life is a Cabaret Old Chum - October 2015

Feels good to have spruced up le website! Finally get to show off some of the stellar pics I had done with Daniel "Danz" Perez last month. It was a great session and I was very pleased to see the…

Equinox Equilibrium - Sept 2015

Its a bright and beautiful morning here in Tokyo. Its the 23rd of September, the Autumnal Equinox - a time of balance between light and dark, when the Earth prepares itself to receive the growing light and heat of the…

The Great and Wonderful Oz - June 18, 2015

Day 3. Morning.

I got the fire going after fewer attempts this morning. This all feels like a "feeding the fire" exercise - literally and figuratively. Last night I was playing Lagonda and the sustain pedal broke. I heard an…

The Great and Wonderful Oz - June 17, 2015 

Schlupfwinkel Recording
Day 2. Morning.

Still struggling with getting a good fire going. Tried to chop wood but that was just laughable. I'm such a city girl. Never needed to know how to chop wood or start fires. Enjoying the…

The Great and Wonderful Oz - June 11~16 2015

Tour Log

June 11
Ready to fly again. This time back to the homeland, the land of my birth. Australia. I am resigned, peaceful, proud of my resilience at having survived a pretty challenging time of it recently. I'm stronger…

The Neverland Guild - May 2015

The True Me, the face I show to only a few, who really knows me? Do I even know me? Occasionally I'll catch a glimpse and it is beautiful and terrible, wild and wise, brave and bold, brazen, outspoken, opinionated…

Big Cat Moon (a poem) - Feb 2015

Feeling the full moon 
Stalking its prey outside
Hungry for flesh and blood and the thrill of the pursuit
I am a lioness
I am resplendent
Seeking my satisfaction
Revelling in my power
I will not be taken for granted…

All Souls Day - November 2014

'Satania' photo by Joe Zanghi

Happy All Souls Day, Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos! 

I love this time of year. Growing up in Adelaide, Australia Halloween always felt like an anomaly - why are kids dressing up…

I want my Feminist MTV - August 2014

Lilith and Eve by SankofaRida

When I was young I loved watching music video shows on TV.  In Australia we had "Countdown" and "Trax" which would showcase live acts as well as music videos from the latest artists. I loved…

RIP Sorcha and The Sinners - June 2014

RIP Sorcha and The Sinners

The Obituary (as read by Peter O'Toole)

Friends, it is with great regret I must declare officially that the band known as Sorcha and The Sinners have come to an untimely demise. Their legions…