Musickality - April 2014

A Bosendorfer with a Klimt inlay at the showroom in Nakano-Sakaue

Been playing quite a few piano shows lately. As an instrument its like sailing on an ocean. I love travelling up and down the keyboard creating sonic landscapes and…

Badass and Kickass - March 2014

Feeling badass yesterday. Waiting for the train to take me into the Shibuya studio to rehearse my newest song "Pussy Riot". Got Mr Kickass Daniel Karras onside again on drums and Jakey is recording us some demos next week. 


Soft Power - Feb 2014

This month I have been in the studio laying down guitar demos for my solo album. It feels great to be working again after the not so pleasant way in which my band Sorcha and The Sinners came to an…

Year of the Bitch ~ Jan 2014

Greetings and salubrious tidings for the Year of Our Ladybitch 2014!  

I have just returned from a three week stint in Australia and have had a thorough shot in the arm of clan and kin. I visited my father's Schlupfwinkel

Dreaming the Dragon ~ Oct 2012

Sorcha's new single "Chrysalis" is now available for free download. The song was recorded by Abertronix at his home studio in Saitama, Japan. 

To celebrate the release of the new song Sorcha teamed up with Tokyo based London painter…