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  1. Radiodaze


Pump up the caffeine / dust off the vinyl

This one goes out to a friend of mine
She called me up with a tune in mind
She says bring it on sister / bring it on loud
Drown me in airwaves and pieces of sound
She’ll be listening /maybe whistling along
She’ll be caught up in her dizzy song / and my…

RadioDaze / RadioHaze

I’ve got the remedy for insomnia
Do you have a sleeping disease / or is it a dreaming phobia
The tranquilinizers are open / be injected with a mood
To calm all your savage beasts / and sate your need
Like smoke

What are you thinking of / this late at night
Shouldn’t you be tucked in safe / with eyes shut tight?

Here’s the soundtrack to your life
Wee Willie Winky running through the town
Upstairs downstairs in his fishnets