Hawk dusted off her leather pants
And went out looking for a little romance
Later that night she brings something back for supper
That girl she eats men like air / so look out all you tasty morsels out there
Lick of her lips and that look in her eyes and you’ve been measured up to size

Oh Kiss of the Spiderwoman
She’s your every wish come true
Kiss of the Spiderwoman
Be ready to be consumed

She’s got eight arms to hold you
And to lead you in the waltz
And just like a helpless bug
You’re hypnotized entranced
She drinks her Bloody Mary’s dry
She says: “be a good boy and get me another
I can tell by the way you play with your hands
You’d be a courteous lover”


But now its too late / She’s licking off her dinner plate
Oh it’s too bad / you just wanted to be had
Bloodlust seduces gently
Oh but lovelock is simply dangerous