Sorcha Chisholm (ソーシャ・チズム)is an Australian singer, songwriter, recording artist, producer, piano and guitar player currently based in Tokyo. She was raised in Adelaide, attended university in Brisbane and after moving to Melbourne in her 20s, began to compose, record and perform in earnest. Her recordings to date can be viewed and heard on the MUSIC page. 

In 2004 she relocated to Japan and has worked as a voice actor, wedding singer, children's entertainer,  piano lounge singer, cabaret performer and music teacher. Some samples can be heard on the VOICE page.

Sorcha hosts monthly open mic and poetry events at Bar Gari Gari in Ikenoue.

Sorcha is currently performing with The Raven's Tale - a murder ballads band with Dylan Hunter on violin and Ayumi Sato on double bass. 

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“Sorcha, who I've known for several years and played with several times, has all the necessary qualities a fine singer/songwriter should have. Chief of these is her folk-influenced songwriting, which can weave spells for her listeners, drawing them into subtle and fascinating worlds, exploring love and existence, womens’  viewpoints, and mystical energies. She supports this well with very capable and expressive keyboard playing. Her calmly powerful, clear voice has a captivating quality, as does the strong charisma she brings to her live performances.” 

Morgan Fisher (Mott the Hoople) 

“Sorcha’s textured soundscapes transport me to quiet landscapes for daydreaming and thinking. Her live performances span from the sublime immersive experience to the downright saucy!” 

  Guy Perryman MBE (Tokyo InterFM DJ. Voice Actor. Event Producer. Writer)