I'm traveling while sitting still
I'm a fork in the lonesome road
I'm a hitchhiker seeking out a galaxy
I'm that roadkill hit by a load
I'm a Mac truck delivering cargo
I'm a caravan to overtake
I'm a cop waiting for a speed demon
I'm the accelerator and the brake
I'm the passenger in the backseat
I'm the driver at the wheel
I'm pulling into that highway house
I'm that mangled mass of steel
I'm the tumbleweed in the desert 
I'm the asphalt in the sun
I'm the lines that go on forever
I'm the map that you read wrong
I'm the road and I'm the reason
I'm the journey 
I'm the season
I'm the navigator
I'm the gas
I'm the hot leather seat burning your ass
I'm a drifter
I'm the town
I'm the destination that brought you round
I'm the miles that you've clocked
I'm the keys that have locked the car up safe and tight
I'm the city's glittering lights
I'm the new scene upon your senses
The cruise queen reflected
In your Rayban lenses

It's Complicated

We demonstrated
   Broke the rules
We educated
   But still find fools
We saturated
   The global pool
We misdirected
   Cultural cool
We fabricated
   Domestic lies
We calculated
   International lies
We pontificated 
   What we despise 
We assimilated
   The wails and cries

It's complicated 
   I can't tell which
It's complicated 
   Can't make the switch
It's complicated 
   That nasty bitch
It's complicated 
   Burn the Witch
It's complicated 
   I cannot choose
It's complicated 
   To wear your shoes
It's complicated 
   Don't want to lose
It's complicated 
   Let's play the Blues

Summer's Last Dance

I am in the Present 
Venerating the Past 
Anticipating the Future 
Watching the trees dance, then their 
Leaves fall to the ground 
As summer has one last fling 
Reveling in the warmth 
And it's youth 
Strike up the band 
Stoke the fire 
Make it count 
Play for the Trees 
Play for the Sky 
Play for the Sun 
Warming my skin 
There's always a song to sing 
Find my family wherever I can 
Find meaning in the melody 
Even though I don't understand the words 
Music in the morning 
Coffee and hot sandwiches 
There's poetry in the grass 
Life is for living in the moment 
There's freedom in the sweetest breath 
The air nourishes me 
The day is new again

I think I'm in Love

I think I'm in Love with Love 
I think I'm in Love with the Past 
I think I'm in Love with a Future that can never Last 
I think I'm in Love with a Memory 
I think I'm in Love with a Ghost 
I think I'm in Love with Masterpiece Theatre 
I think I'm in Love with the Host 
I think I'm in Love with the Weather 
I think I'm in Love with the World 
I think I'm in Love with the Laughter 
I think I'm in Love with a Girl 
I think I'm in Love with a Man 
I think I'm in Love with a Lie 
I think I'm in Love with December 
I think I'm in Love with a Crime 
I think I'm in Love with a Feeling 
I think I'm in Love with the Night 
I think I'm in Love with my poor little Heart 
I think I'm in Love with my Plight

A Woman's Anger

A Woman's Anger 
A fearsome creature to behold 
She is Beautiful 
She is Fierce 
She will not be placated 
Until she is ready 
Until she is satiated 
Her wrath is slow to build 
But once aroused
Difficult to abate 
Red Fire in her eyes 
Smoke billowing from her nostrils 
Fangs bared and ready to strike should the offender 
Continue in their treachery 
She sits in this heat 
Deadly calm 
And considers her next move 
What is to be learned from this confrontation? 
What is it that has riled her so, pushed her buttons 
Unhinged her otherwise placid nature? 
Breath is the antidote 
Great big gulps of that stuff 
Move it 
Shift it 

Compost that shit

Calendars and Clocks

Calendars and Clocks
Reminders and Locks
Keep me packed up safe and sound
In this pretty little box

They tell me when to wake up
They tell me rent is due
They tell me go make money
And be sure that I consume

I see the hands a'turning
I see the pages clipped
I see my soul a'burning
In a body that's ill equipped

I'd like to fight the power
I'd like to think I'm free
But then I'm pulled back under
And the sun goes down on me

Here it is half past November
And "Nov" really means "nine"
So why can't we remember
Where we put that stitch in time?

The clock ain't much better
In fact it can feel worse
Tick Tick Tick Tick Chime Chime
All the way past Christmas's curse

The only way we'll ever be free
Is to break the hands of Time
Shun the months no season can hold
And go dancing on a dime

While the numbers float past our eyes
Our being is being held back
No amount of dead leaves will nourish us
A pox on the mighty greenback

Do you dare to smash the clocks
And burn your pinup calendar?
Dare to see the lines and shadows
The sun left over there

Perhaps there will come a golden day
Not a minute, nor date, nor hour
When humans will recall they're infinite beings
And revel in their power

Out damn clock!
Out damn calendar!
You will not deceive me
For I am your challenger!

Human Quandary

The further the distance 
The closer the feeling 
The sweeter the taste 
The softer the memory 
The gentler the pain 
The greater the mystery 
The circling of hearts 
The surging of blood 
The quickening of destiny 
The illusion of love 
The clearer the lesson 
The dearer the face 
The deeper the gaze 
The faster the end will come

The Flower That Blooms in the Heart of Darkness

There is a flower that blooms only at night
When the moon is filling to full.
It is full of mystery and desire, pungent,
Its aroma fills my nostrils and I am at once repelled and compelled.
It fills me with fear, it fills me with hunger,
It drives too close to home yet promises nothing.

My insides churn when I see its luminescence in the pale moon's glow. I am absorbed, possessed, all my demons coming home to roost and rumble, roar and cavort, quaff and quibble and squirm. 

Here they are now!
Behold Anger and Gluttony and Sloth,
Behold Lust, Pride and Envy.
So many Sins, so little time.
Hand me my Leather.
Let me smell that Bovine Death mixed with your skin.
A hypnotic perfume fills the air.
It is the Flower that Blooms in the Heart of Darkness.
It is all I ever wanted yet feared to be. 

Do not pluck it from the ground!
Do not put it in a pot!
Let it bloom in the pale moonlight and let the Dance begin.

The Tech-Lord's Prayer

Our Father 
Who art in Google 
Apple by thy name 
Thy iOS come 
Thy upgrades be done 
On my devices as it is on my laptop 
Give us this day 
Our daily apps 
And forgive us our Androids 
As we forgive those who Facebook against us 
And lead us not into forced obsolescence 
But deliver us from Analogue 
For thine is the dotcom, the server and the wifi
Forever and ever