August 28, 2021.

Hey folks, am gonna start doing more posts here on my website as I've become kinda disillusioned with social media these days. 

Here is a pic of my home studio setup that I'm very proud of and have been chipping away at some new stuff lately. Am excited to trot out the new tunes soon!

Lotsa love xx


Check out my podcast on Podbean

Check out my podcast on Podbean

Sorcha, who I've known for several years and played with several times, has all the necessary qualities a fine singer/songwriter should have. Chief of these is her folk-influenced songwriting, which can weave spells for her listeners, drawing them into subtle and fascinating worlds, exploring love and existence, womens’  viewpoints, and mystical energies. She supports this well with very capable and expressive guitar and keyboard playing. Her calmly powerful, clear voice has a captivating quality, as does the strong charisma she brings to her live performances. ”

— Morgan Fisher (Mott The Hoople)