Sorcha has been working as a studio singer, narrator and voice actor in Tokyo since 2005.
Among her many credits, Sorcha's voice has appeared in commercials for ANA, Suntory, Renown, Softbank, Honda, Bridgestone, Ajinomoto, PlayStation, PARCO and Misawa Homes.
Sorcha tried her hand at singing bossanova on the TEICHIKU/TAKUMI NOTE release "On/Off ~The Covers~" on which she sang three popular Japanese songs in English.
Her character voices have appeared in video games by Square Enix's Summer Story (Charlotte Ryan), Cygames' Shadowverse (Skullcradle Widow, Queen Vampire, Demonic Sniper and Dragonewt Princess), and as the voice of Master Raven in the Bandai Namco game Tekken 7 .
Sorcha has voiced instructional videos for L'Oreal, Uniqlo, Panasonic, POLA, AEON, OMRON, Citizen and Mitsubishi. She has also appeared on the NHK program Japanology Plus and is a regular contributor to educational listening for TOEIC Test Plus MagazineShohakushaSuken ShuppanBun-eido and ALC Publishing.